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arrivals / departures

Sunday planespotting on the Eindhoven Airport

vol de nuit

Frequent guest in my sky. C-130 from Air Base in Eindhoven. I do not know why but the planes and Antoine Saint Exupery books are for me frequent association…


Short trip to Roermond. Roermond is a historically important town, It received city rights in 1231. Beautiful place with a yacht harbor near old town.



Rheinbrücke Emmerich

Emmerich am Rhein, Germany.
The longest suspension bridge in Germany (803 metres, pylons 76.7 metres ).


3.10 to Yuma


“The devil smiles and laughs at me,
Says you’ll be back, just wait and see
You know I’ve heard this all before…”

december souls…

in this fog…


“If I sow a wind now
I will reap a storm…”
(katatonia-the racing heart)