The Photographic World of Tom Wasilewski

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Bric-à-brac or bric-a-brac (origin French),[1]Read the rest


The fair wind failed. The wind dropped. … Read the rest

speed of sound

In a field
Turn round and around… Read the rest


I write a photographic journal every day. … Read the rest

Who Has Seen the Wind?

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I … Read the rest


Just a small experiment. Tessar 4.5 / … Read the rest


I collect secrets, memory of days, raindrops … Read the rest

The Wind and The Waves

March storms did not bring only winter … Read the rest

The Warrior(s)

The Gods of the Sea showed their … Read the rest

The Storm

Through the ethereal deeps afar
Mystic waves … Read the rest